Please help - I need to separate data to two tables using one form.

May 22, 2012
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Hey all, I have a small conflict ;

I have 2 tables. First table is " All movie information " - with 20 detailed columns I populate in my form. In my subform I only created 3 columns from the 20 to capture specific data which I would like in my Second table " some movie information "

So my main purpose is to not duplicate data entry on the first main table, instead have one unique record in the First table and subrecords in another table for that one unique record :confused:

I established a relationship through " ID " between All movie information table and some movie information, I am only capturing all data in First Table when filling out my main form, but the second table is blank with the specific information I need, even though I have a subform which does populate as well specific data I ask, its just not translating it to the 2nd table.

Please help any feedback would be appreciated

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