Need help with code


Help me.

I have two tables (Credit Card Log and Vendor Information) in my database.
Credit Card Log is the main form and Vendor Information is the embedded
subform in my main form. I would like to find a vendor name, which is located
in my vendor information table (subform), by using a command button on my
main form (Credit Card Log).
Vendor Information.Vendor Name is specific to each Credit Card Log record
and will not search beyond that. I would like to be able to search a vendor
name to pull up the corresponding Credit Card log record main form.
I have the 2 tables linked by Purchase Number, which is unique for each
credit card log entry...tying the vendor information table to the credit card

I have looked at Allen Brownes website and was unable to get the code to
work successfully.

I am not very knowledgable in please use lamens terms.



Jeanette Cunningham

you are asking the database to search for credit card logs for any vendor
you choose.
I suggest this is tricky to do with your current form and subform.
I would use the form wizard to build a new form.
You could base the new form on the vendor's table.
In the wizard, choose the option which allows you to search for a specific
record on the form (that is not the exact wording, but it gives the idea).
The wizard will build the form and the code which will allow you to have a
combo box listing all the vendors by name.
When you choose the vendor, the form will show the credit card logs for that

Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia

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