PivotTable missing data




We have a pivot table that summarises work done for any given date. The
spreadsheet includes a tab for the raw data which is grabbed from an external

The pivot table is, hopefully, just a summary of that raw data but in a more
user friendly look.

The problem is that entries on the raw data tab are missing from the pivot

I've checked that the pivot table includes these rows and that there are no
filters in place on the pivot table, so all available data should be

The missing data all seems to have one thing in common - the type of work is
listed as "Inbound email" and all data that shows on the pivot table is
"Outbound email". When I check the filter of the column we have labelled
"Contact Type", only the "Outbound email" option is listed.

I don't know how a pivot table can exclude data that is listed on the raw
data tab. Is anyone able to offer a suggestion as to why this is happening
and how I can have the pivot table include all data?

Thanks in advance,



Debra Dalgleish

Are you sure the pivot table includes all the rows from the raw data?
Are the inbound email records mixed throughout the raw data, or at the end?




Hi Debra,

The inbound email records are mixed throughout the raw data.

The spreadsheet was set up by someone with a lot more knowledge of Excel
than I have (unfortunately he no longer works for the company) and the pivot
table seems to be able to update automatically as new data is added from the
day before and includes all current records.

For any particular day that includes records of both types (inbound and
outbound) the outbound records always appear and the inbound never do.

Since my original post, I created a new pivot table from the raw data and
was able to get both types to appear in this pivot table ... but, I'm still
curious to figure out why the original didn't work. Not as important as it
was before, but I'm one of these people who just needs to know why something
doesn't work when I'm sure it should :blush:)


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