pivot tables



I have data from approximately 8 to 10 worksheets usually in the same
workbook . am trying to consolidate the data using a pivot table , firstly
have been past linking the data on one sheet then using a pivot , problem is
that there is to much data for the pivot table to manage and it is easy to
delete a paste link loosing important data. is it possible to consolidate
data direct from each sheet to the same pivot table?

Dave Peterson

If you've never used pivottables, here are a few links:

Debra Dalgleish's pictures at Jon Peltier's site:
And Debra's own site:

John Walkenbach also has some at:
(look for Tony Gwynn's Hit Database)

Chip Pearson keeps Harald Staff's notes at:

MS has some at (xl2000 and xl2002):

You may want to try Excel's Help for specific questions about excel.

Debra Dalgleish has a list of books at her site:

See if you can find them in your local bookstore/internet site and you can
choose what one you like best.

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