Pivot Table with Data Added Monthly



I have a worksheet that has 20+ columns in it, along with 500+ rows. Each row
contains a record for a given region, country, product - showing various
numbers and details. (Its currently missing a "date" column, but this can be

Ignoring that I am adding to this data monthly, I already have 12 months
worth of data to import (hence the need for the "date" column). Once I bring
all 12 months in (including the month), I need to be able to :
- group, total and summarize the data by Region, then by Country, then by
- I'd like to be able to look at Regional totals by month or Country totals
by month

The tricky part now is, once I get that data, how do I create a pivot table
from the grouped data to show in various charts/graphs ?

Any direction would be fantastic.


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