Pivot Table - retains dates that are not in the source data



I have a series of pivot tables based on data that is pulled into another
sheet in the same workbook via an MS Query on an external database. The SQL
query is refreshed daily and the pivot tables then refreshed. The pivot table
uses the date field returned by the SQL but when I look at the date drop down
box on the pivot table I can see dates that are not in the source data e.g.
my current data runs from 26/9/08 but I have then option to select dates back
into 2007. i.e. it seems to be keeping some sort of memory.

Has anyone else seen similar behaviour and more importantly does anyone know
how to sort this problem other than rebuilding the pivot tables each time?

Sean Timmons

Yes, this is an issue with pivot tables through 2003. Not sure if 2007 has
that issue fixed.

The only way I know of to resolve is to create a new pivot table. Then, the
old data goes away. Not terribly helpful, but it's the only resolution I'm
aware of.

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