Pivot Table Problem


Liz J

Before creating my pivot table, I did a format change with a column of dates
on the data source. I formated the dates to show only the month name
(format: mmmm). When I put together the PT (with MS Excel 2007 software), it
would show 3 rows of January, 4 of February, 4 March, etc. Instead of 1 row
for each month January through Decemeber. Do you know why this is happening,
and how I could fix it?

Thanks for your help!



Jim Thomlinson

Pivot tables aggregate values based on like members. If you have a column of
dates then each date is a unique member which will be treated seperately.
Even if you format the dates, the underlying data is still individual dates.
That being said pivot tables have the ability to group. Select the Date field
and right click. Select Group and you will be able to group by month, year,
quarter, day...

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