Pivot table problem



I have an application that holds data about employee appraisal over the last
few years. Annual appraisal is supposed to be mandatory, but some people are
late and a very few seem to have opted out of the system completely. New
employees are not required to have an appraisal until a year has passed.
There are 4 main workplaces.

tblEmployees holds employee details, including StartDate and tblAppraisals
holds details of appraisals, including AppraisalYr (2001/2, 2002/3 etc),
AppraisalDate and FormsReceived (whether or not there is a documented record).

I would like to create a Pivot table to analyse the numbers of appraisals by
workplace with the report filter being the Appraisal Year, but I would
ideally wish to subdivide the employees into those who have been appointed
less than 12 months, those who are up to 6 months overdue an appraisal and
those who are more than 6 months overdue.

I wanted to create the report in Excel and have managed to export the data
and create a rudimentary pivot table report in Excel using some code from an
old copy of Smart Access updated for Access 2002. However, I am having
difficulty in working out how to calculate the information above and include
it within the select query (based on the two tables above) that is the source
of the Access data. Any help much appreciated.

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