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17th Century GoatHerder

Hi all

We have a table TblAppraisals where details are stored of job appraisals, by
date of appraisal.
These appraisals happen normally every twelve months, so there are lots of
entries for lots of staff.

I want to be able to find the last incidence of an appraisal for a
particular Staff member, when their Staff ID is chosen from a combo Box
[combo13], then populate a field called [Appraisal Date] with that date

I guess it's a DLookup with a DMax sort of thingy, but I am unsure of the


Joe Bloe, (Staff ID 82) was last appraised on 28 Sep 2004

So, after update of [Combo13] to click on Joe's entry, the field [Appriasal
Date] is updated to reflect 28-Sep-04



17th Century GoatHerder


The Goat Herder tried this and got the result he wanted...

=DMax("[Appraisal Date]","tblappraisal","[StaffID] =

have fun everyone and goodnight LOL


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