Pivot table layout that popluates the row label in each row?



I am trying find a way to format a pivot table so that it will display the
row label in each row below it instead of at the top in summary form...

This would allow me to do a pivot table agianst a pivot able which is
helpful when your original table is from an OLAP cube that does not have that
same level of functionaility as a regular pivot table.






You can sort of do it.
If you have say 3 fields that you use in the pivot table row, last name,
first name, birthday, you can create a 'key' field in the data that
concatenates the 3 together. Then when you create the pivot have the key
field as the first field in the row order. This allowed me to have each row
populated with the row label, and I just hide the garbage concatenated field.
Hope this helps someone.

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