Pivot Table - Compare Dates & calc. %


Kathy - Lovullo

Is there a way in a Pivot table to compare 2 time frames, calculate the $
Amount of Change between these to dates, and then sort by the $ Amount of

I have figured out how to compare the 2 dates and was able to calculate the
the change outside of the pivot table, but then I can not sort this in
descending order.

I think this calucation may need to be inside the pivot table to sort by it,
but I do not know how to create the calculated field to compare the same data
from one year against the same data from the next year.

Company 2008 Sales 2009 Sales $ change

ABC co 1000 1500 500
DEF co. 6000 6050 50
XZY Co. 5000 4500 -450

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