Pictures display in reading pane, but not in opened email, help!



I am an a networked office, and on two of the computers, Outlook 2003 will
display the pictures in an email in the reading pane. When you open the email
completely and choose to download the photos, they will not display. Instead
we get little red x's like the picture does not exist on the server. I have
looked through all of the settings and can't seem to find anything that would
fix this. Any help would be great appreciated.


I had a similar issue at a job once - complete with the red x's! I believe
the fix was in Tools --> Options --> Mail Format --> Message Format (not at
all where you'd expect it to be!). Make sure the 3 settings ("Compose in this
format" drop down, and the 2 checkboxes under) are properly set up. Go to a
computer that can see graphics properly and duplicate how they're set up.
Give that a try!
Let me know ...

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