Photographs Distortion in Image Control



I got no answer and am reposting. Help please?

Why do some images inserted via a PhotoPath end up either stretched,
upside-down, squashed, and generally distorted, whereas other images
are viewed perfectly well, in Access 2000 running on Windows Home
Vista? I have the setting for the image block at 'zoom.' I have tried
reducing the size of the image - it made no difference. I have tried
replacing the image with one that works, and it continues to work for
that entry page of the database, but goes back to distortion when I
replace it with the correct image. I cannot see a pattern in the
images that end up distorted and the images that view perfectly.


Asking for a friend,


PS: This friend has had this photographic database for years. He just
got a new computer and is having problems getting what has always
worked to work again.


I'm guessing it may depend on the resolution set on your operating system.
Images normally get distorted when they are placed in an area the size of
which does not match the size of the image.
I'm not sure what 'zoom' menas but if it means 'fill up the area', then if
you try to display (for instance) a 1x1.5 image in a 1x1 area, it will get
squished either vertically or horizontally.
-- Dorian
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He has it properly set on "Zoom" (which fills the frame without
distortion) and not "Stretch" (which stretches the image to fill the
control, perhaps distorting it).

So it is a mystery. No helpful hints on this?


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