Photo Gallery Front page 2003



I am running Window XP SP2. I have been having trouble with a
debugging issue. Was told to re-install Windows. I did and re-
installed Front Page.
It worked fine until I re-installed every thing. Now the photo gallery
is not work right. I can upload an image okay, insert text then click
OK and a progress dialog box appears saying it is creating a thumbnail
image and hangs up there. I have left it there for over an hour and it
has not created any thing just set there. Some time I can cancel it
other time it have go to the task manager and end task. Any
suggestions would be helpful. I am afraid that something is going
wrong with my computer.



Andrew Murray

Sorry I don't know the answer.....but the photo gallery has always been
problematic in Frontpage.

There are better solutions for photogalleries; try or These are image editors, but also have the ability to
generate HTML photo albums which means you don't need any special 'browser
extensions' or 'plug-ins' such as Frontpage Server Extensions, JavaScript,
Server Side Scripting or Java Virtual Machine.

They generate plain, HTML pages, therefore viewable in all browsers. the
photogallery seems to work best only in IE for Windows (not macintosh or
other O/S), and very unpredictable in Netscape/Firefox/Opera/Safari etc.

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