Front Page '03 Photo Gallery



I have FP on both my work computer and home computer so I can work on my
website at either place.
The Photo gallery works on the one at work, but on the FP here at home, the
option for Photo Gallery is greyed out.
Does anyone have a clue why?
It's installed from the same CD, with permission from MS, registered to me.
I'd been working on the site at work but now it's the busy time of year for
me and I needed to work on at night. I installed FP here at home, transferred
my existing work to a jump drive and then transferred it to home computer and
began to work on the site.....but what I do relies on the photo gallery and
the option to insert a photo gallery is not available on computer at home.
Both computers are XP





Tools->Page Options - Authoring tab
Tick the box "Author-time Web Components"

Also, make sure you are editing a web site or you will not be able to
*save* the gallery when you have inserted it.

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