Phone & U3 USB drive paralyse M$ W/less Laser Mouse 8000



Yet again I'm posting about Microsoft's new Wireless Entertainment Desktop
8000 but it seems that support for it doesn't exist yet and I am not paying
Microsoft for service on a product that is under warranty, sorry.
I posted the other day asking why is there a numlock key when no numeric
keyboard answer.

A new problem has surfaced and it mystifies me because all through this the
mouse shows "connected" in the Bluetooth Devices window.
When I plug in my Sandisk Cruzer Contour U3 USB drive the mouse stops
working. The same when I connect my Canon Camera via USB to download
pictures - it freezes. Each time I have to use my wired mouse.
In the case of the camera software, as soon as I'm finished it works again,
but with the U3 drive I have to reboot to get it to work again.
As I said, all through the mouse was showing connected in the Bluetooth
Devices window. The keyboard worked throughout.


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