Personal settings question



When I boot up I get a" loading personal settings" on the welcome screen.
This is taking up to three minutes and I don't know what my personal
settings are. I think I have seen a place to check "don't allow personal
settings" somewhere but I can't remember where. How can I turn these
settings off or is that even possible? Where are they located on my pc? I
thank all that answer in advance for any help.


Your personal settings are your backround/wallpaper, your internet settings,
your icons on your desktop, basically every single stting on your PC, i have
to admit for three minutes its either you've done a HECK of a lot of
customising or you've just got s overall slow computer, i wouldn't be overly
worried about this, and i don't think there is an option to disable those
options, although i do recomend that you simply press the power button and
make yourself a cofee and come back when its all loaded


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