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If I save a macro to my personal macro workbook, will the macro work for
other users? They don't need to be able to edit the macro, just use it by
pushing the macro button to run a report.

Also, I have several copies of the same document out there that I want to
apply/insert the same macro to- by saving the macro to my personal workbook,
can I then open the just search to insert it into each document? Will the
macro then reference the document it is in and not the document I created the
macro in?

Thank you.

Dave Peterson

You could do it, but I'd recommend that you don't.

If you name the workbook with the macro personal.xls (or .xla if it's an addin),
then the users will have to make a decision.

Should they keep their own personal.xls open or should they open yours? Each
user can only have one workbook open with any particular name.

Instead I'd put the code in a specific workbook--RoadyUtils.xls. Then share
that workbook with the other users. They can open this file and run the macros
whenever they want.

In fact, I'd stay way from adding the same code in multiple workbooks. It
becomes a problem when you have to update some of your code. Who knows how many
workbooks will have been created based on workbooks with the macros.

Instead, I'd create an addin and tell the users to open the addin when they need
the macro.

But since the macros in an addin are not visible through the tools|macro|macros
dialog, you'll have to give them a way to run the macros.

For additions to the worksheet menu bar, I really like the way John Walkenbach
does it in his menumaker workbook:

Here's how I do it when I want a toolbar:
(from Debra Dalgleish's site)

And if you use xl2007:

If you want to learn about modifying the ribbon, you can start at Ron de Bruin's
site: -- For macros for all workbooks (saved as an

In xl2007, those toolbars and menu modifications will show up under the addins.

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