Permissions? ?



When I installed Vista Business I installed MS Office and a couple other
applications without problems.

I’m on a domain, an administrator on the domain; my domain user profile is
an administrator on the local PC.

I loaded Photoshop CS2, some OCR scanning software, among others, activated
and registered via the internet. Now every time I open Photoshop and others I
get the command “you must activate and register†sometimes when the machine
is booted.

It seems like this is a permission issue not allowing the registration
process to be saved.
Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?


Well... A) I don't see why it would matter since you can still create and
save files using CS2.
B)Go to the CS2 icon in the start bar, right click, click properties, under
one tabs there should be a checkbox that asks if you want to give it admin
rights. click that, and you're good to go. Also if you're using CS2 to
activate make sure that when a "allow access to internet/block access to
internet" window appears that you click allow.

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