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Alan Fisher via

I don't understand a couple of things about permissions in ADP. I have a form
with a function as a record source. I gave only SELECT permissions to a role
directly on the table and both SELECT and INSERT permissions on the function.
When the user attempts to create a new record he gets an error saying INSERT
permmision denied at the table.

My understanding of this is that unless a specific permission is DENIED on
the table, the function should allow the insert if the permission is granted
in the function. Where is the flaw in my thinking. There is no break in
ownership, all are owned by the dbo.

Also I have a form with a subform and I couldn't get the subform to show any
records until I added .dbo to the function name. Why would that be?




Sylvain Lafontaine

ADP doesn't use the function (UDF) to perform the insert, so setting the
INSERT permission on it is totally useless in regard to ADP.

Using the SQL-Server Profiler will show you what ADP is doing when it
inserts a new record (and why you need to set the Insert permission on the
table, too).

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