Error 2580


Dan McClelland

Developing Access XP ADP with SQL Server 2000 back end.
Packaging the ADP with Access Runtime and msadox.dll
2.62. Installation on client machine is successful.
Database will launch.

Whenever the database encounters a stored procedure, I get:
Error 2580 Record Source 'sp_myprocedure' specified
for the form or report does not exist

All stored procedures are qualified with dbo qualifier.
Public role has SELECT permission on SysObjects table.
MDAC is updated to 2.6.


Have you found a solution to this problem? It sounds very
similar to the one I am experiencing.

If I log on as someone with administrator privilages, the
problem goes away. But this does not help since we do not
want to give all users administrative rights.

Please let me know if you found a solution.

Dan McClelland

While searching for a solution to my problem, I may have
found the solution to yours. I still have the problem,
regardless of permissions or who logs on. Yours works
when you log on with admin rights.

Try this. For the database role that SHOULD be loggin on,
be sure they have SELECT permissions on the SysObjects
table. If they don't, it affects their ability to see
objects, causing the previously mentioned symptoms.

Some of the other potential solutions I've found include
verifying the version of msadox.dll (if you're using ADO)
and being sure you have the latest version that is
compatible with the version of DCOM you have (download Com
Checker to verify your DCOM version).

Also, be sure your stored procedures have fully qualified
names. All of mine are preceeded by "dbo".

And be sure your design computer, and client computer,
have the latest version of Windows Installer (if you are
packaging and deploying, like I am).

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