Permissions Question



I want to restrict permissions to create folders on a shared folders on a
windows 2003 sever but I do not want to restrict append data

any suggestions will be appreciated




Roger Abell

One may do this by using the Advanced view in the NTFS
premissions editor. The share level permissions will have
to allow Change for them, an apparent overallocation, but
the NTFS will restrain.
Suppose it is to CustomGrp you want this granted.
You would grant share level Change to CustomGrp.
Then, in the NTFS permissions dialog, grand Modify to it,
and then click Advanced, locate the Modify grant and click
to highlight it, then click to edit it. In the detail view dialog
that opens use the dropbox for what the grant applies to so
that it is changed to Files Only. Apply and OK to get back
to the generic permissions view, where now the CustomGrp
grant is special without the checkboxes it had before. Now,
click to highlight this CustomGrp grant and check List.
Make sure there is no higher grant of NTFS permissions to
any group that includes a member of CustomGrp.
You should now have what you were after.

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