Perfmon Profile - Not All Counters Recording


John Schneider

I've setup a batch file to be run on client's machines. In testing, I'm not
getting all the counters. Here's the batch file to create and start the

logman.exe stop TestCounters
logman.exe delete TestCounters
logman.exe create counter TestCounters -v mmddhhmm -c "\Memory\Available
Bytes" "\Memory\Pages/Sec" "\PhysicalDisk(*)\%% Disk Time"
"\PhysicalDisk(*)\Avg. Disk Queue Length" "\Processor\%% Processor Time"
"\Redirector\Network Errors/sec" "\SQLServer:Cache Manager(*)\Cache Hit
Ratio" "\SQLServer:General Statistics(*)\User Connections" "\SQLServer:Memory
Manager(*)\Maximum Workspace Memory (KB)" "\System\Processor Queue Length" -o
logman.exe start TestCounters

And here's the batch file to stop the logging:
logman.exe stop TestCounters

After running the startup batch file, letting it run for about 15 minutes,
then running the stop batch file, I can see that a file was created,
TestCounters_eLinkGeneral_02251442.blg. When I load this file into Perfmon,
the only counters that show up are:
"\PhysicalDisk(*)\Avg. Disk Queue Length"
"\Processor\%% Processor Time"

I've double and tripple checked the spelling/format of all the counters and
everything looks fine.

Any ideas why all those other counters are not recording or showing up in
the binary log file?

John Schneider


Dear John,

You can just add these counters in perfmon manually. It has been recorded,
but just don't show. If you add the counters, you will see the results.

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