PDf Attachment not showing up in email



I have multiple users that are part of an external distribution list. Thet
are all using Outlook 2003 SP3 and all of them receive the PDf attachment
except one user. The email message does not show as an attachment. If the
user forwards the email as soon as the click forward the attachment appears
in the forwarod email.
Also if you look at the propertise of the email you can see that there is an
attachment next to the size line.

Any ideas?
Thank you.




It's possible that the one affected user has received the e-mail in Rich
Text Format. Check whether that user is in your Contacts folder; if they
are, double-click their e-mail and check the Internet format value in the
E-mail Properties dialog. It shouldn't be set "Send using Outlook Rich Text

Regardless of your mail format settings, confirm whether the recipient is
receiving the message in Rich Text Format. This is just a wild guess

Eric Legault [MVP - Outlook]
MCDBA, MCTS (Messaging & Collaboration, SharePoint Infrastructure, MOSS 2007
& WSS 3.0 Application Development)
Collaborative Innovations
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Web: http://www.collaborativeinnovations.ca
Blog: http://blogs.officezealot.com/legault

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