PC hangs up during games and videos


Daddy Gray

Many months ago, and beyond, my PC starting hanging for 20 seconds or so
while I was playing my shooter game, kick in again, and a little later hang
again, ad infinitum. Then Media Player started hanging up if I played
visualizations with my music. Then, it started while watching video feeds off
websites - Turbonick, YouTube, eVideo, AP news videos, etc. And over recent
weeks or months, the hang times have increased - stalling for a minute or
more sometimes.
I'm on a Compaq Presario; Pentium 4, 1.6 Ghz; 40 gig drive; 256MB RAM;
Windows XP Home; 16MB nVidia Vanta.
I'm dumb and PC-challenged, so be simple but complete. And Happy New Year!

Daddy Gray

Gee, Leo, I don't know what to expect! As I said, I'm PC-challenged. But,
hey, got any useful advice? - kg

David B.

I would at least double the RAM you have to 512, 1GB if you can afford it,
and replace that ancient video card with a more current model.


Man, recently I set my dad up with a new (to him) system to noodle around
with Flight Sim and a little email stuff, at the spry age of 77. I think
it's cool he's always wanted to hang with the new tech. (We were earl
adopters way back when, first in neighborhood with a microwave, an ATV, etc..

I shudder to think that he would come here to ask a question like Daddy
Gray; (not that I think you are 77!) - who confessed he's a newbie, only to
be dissed by such an arrogant response. How would you feel if someone kicked
your dad to the curb for asking a cogent question, Leeeee-yoooo?

And kudos to you, Daddy Gray, for your extreme grace and class with an
earnest reply.

Hey, I'm all for kicking down an idiot that should know better, but let's
remember what the word HELP in a HELP Newsgroup means, eh?



David B. said:
I fail to see how my response is arrogant.

I'm glad!! My apologies, David B. You were not the arrogant response to
which I preferred.
Your response was straightforward, and helpful. If I clicked the wrong reply
button, and replied to you instead of Mr. Leo Grey Sky-Mind-with-Clouds,
excuze; chalk it up to too little sleep and inferior coffee!

I was referring to Leeeee-yooooooooooo's curt reply above your own.
Maybe he can be helpful at times; but at what cost to the greater good of
humanity??? (cue violins...............)

Respect and Regards,

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