PC games that work with game controllers in Vista



Been looking, and I've found a few but,
Does anyone know of a list of PC games that use controllers-in addition to
Grabbed a xbox360 controller, and found a few-like Eragon, and GUN, but
other's don't

For example- BF1942 runs in Vista-but no controller options-
This is direct from EA support-
Response (EA Tech Camille T.)
Hello Jeff!
Thank you for contacting Electronic Arts Technical Support. I am very
sorry for the delay, and the inconvenience you're having with Battlefield
1942 Anthology.

We currently have no titles that are supported under Windows Vista.
Since these games were developed before the Windows Vista operating system
was created, our older games are not guaranteed to run correctly. You may
want to try to get an older Windows XP game to run is running it in
compatibility mode.

Also, Battlefield 1942 does not support controllers. I sincerely
apologize for this inconvenience.

Oh well,
at least it runs(installed as admin-and have an ATI Mobility x1400
256mb w/latest drivers.

Anyone have a list going, of games that do use controllers?



Sounds like to me EA has absolutely no interest in getting their games to run
under vista like some other developers. "Oh, the game was developed before
vista came out". Sure it was and thats understandable but I am tired of that
excuse because the games can be fixed. How hard is it to get a game to work?
Vista is not that much different from XP and if it ran on XP it should on
vista. period. You would think a big company such as EA would at least look
into it, especially their more popular titles such as BF1942. Alot of
developers and publishers really need to get on the ball especially with
newer titles. Really, its not microsoft that will lose the sales here, it
will be the game developers. Hopefully the gaming community will get some
positive answers soon and not the classic excuse one. Alot of gamers are
going to vista because of the upcoming DX10 and they are certainly going to
want to run the older games too.

Dale \Mad_Murdock\ White

Well, I think they are almost have to say two different things. I might have
mis-read, but I believe in order for a Company to claim that their product
is supported under Vista, it must earn the "Games for Windows" tag. This tag
as a few number of things that go with it, Like it must work on Vista media
center, Work with 32 and 64bit, and work with the Xbox306 controller (even
if it's a game that doesn't make sense with a controller, like a FPS or RTS)

EA may be answering the question under the premise that their games are not
"Games for Windows", whether they work under Vista is a different answer.
Since EA is big about not wanting to support anything other than the last
product they released. Getting official Vista support for something might
never happen, which probably means no X306 controller support.

Someone who has a more intimate knowledge of the Games for Windows
requirement can probably answer this better. I've read a few E-zine articles
about it and I trust the sources are being honest, but they might be wrong
about some of the requirements

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