PC CARD USB 2.0 and ISB 2.0 Harddrive 2.5" 60 gb BLEU BUFFALLO WITH ASUS L3800C LAPTOP


Eric & Anja

Dear Newsgroup,

I request for assistance.My laptop does not have USB 2.0.
Last week I enjoyed using my external harddisk at a USB 2.) at a laptop with
USB 2.0 port.
So I bought a PMCIA PC CARD with 2 x USB 2.0 ports of Sweex.

Now all devices(mouse,webcam, memory stick) are working at this card, expect
my external harddrive.
Unbelievable, I bought it for my harddrive and ......?!:-(((.

My laptop has Windows XP with service pack 2, it has only 2 high speed USB
1.1 ports. That why I bought PC CARD wih 2 x USB 2.0 ports.
I checked latest drivers as Sweex and Blue baffulo, I searched many
newsgroups, checked Microsoft and INtel FAQ, but
unfortunately I could not find any good working solution.
I also have made an external power supply to the PC CARD to guarantee good
power supply of 500 mA.

Maybe it is a driver problem? Or something else?

Your kind assistance will be appreciated.


Eric Tigelaar

Richard Urban [MVP]

Look in device manager, under Universal Serial Bus Controllers. Do you have
an entry for "enhanced" controller anywhere? Do you have any entries with a
yellow exclamation mark by them?

If you don't have an enhanced controller displayed, you will need to install
the requisite drivers for the apparatus.


Richard Urban
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User

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Thomas Wendell

If the external HD is a standard one,ie. 3,5" in external casing, it needs
it own power supply, as the USB's delivered 500mA is nowhere near anough
juice for the HD..

The exception is some 2.5" HDs and smaller mounted in special external cases
that doesn't require more juice than that 500mA.
And even though the packaging says it won't need it's own PSU, I'd still use

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Eric & Anja

Dear All,

Thank you for all you advice. Finally I could solve the matter. I have done
many things;
- reinstalling INTEL drivers
- bios upgrade
- reinstall SP 2 for windows XP
- Check other computers
- Format the external HD at USB 2.0 at different PC

Finally I bought external power supply, 5VDC stabilized 1000mA. This worked.
I connected this power supply to PCCARD and immediately some life from plug
and play etc.

Thank you for your feedback and you help. It is very much appreciated.



Richard Urban

You're welcome!


Richard Urban
Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User

If you knew as much as you think you know,
You would realize that you don't know what you thought you knew!

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