Pasting PPT charts into Word



After creating a powerpoint diagram/chart, I normally use the "send to"
feature to paste into word. After pasting, I usually resize it to my desire.
But whenever I modify the diagram, the size changes back to the original
paste size and each modification thereafter, the diagram gets smaller
(forcing me to resize again each time). Is there any way to prevent this
and/or is there a more stable way of pasting charts into Word?

Thanks in advance.

Echo S

Do you want the slide or just the chart?

You might try copying in PPT (the chart or the slide thumbnail) and Edit |
Paste Special in Word, paste as EMF.

When you Send to Word, by default the object is linked, and resizing a
linked / OLE object can sometimes be touchy. You could probably try Edit |
Links and break the links in Word. It may resize better then.

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