Passing values from custom form into another form's text box



I have a custom form that can be accessed as part of creating a new appointment in the calendar. Custom form is a second tab.
How would one take values from the 3-4 fields in the form(second tab) and pass these values into first tab(appointment itself: Subject, Location, Start time and Endtime already there by default) values should be posted into the big white text box that is normally used to enter notes about the appointment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

That big white are is the Body.

You would access the data in the custom tab in one of 2 ways. If the fields
there are bound to Outlook properties you can access the data either from
the custom property associated with the data control, or you can access it
from the control value.

From the user property, if the property for some text in a textbox is a text
property named Foo you would get the data this way, assuming Item is your
item reference:

Dim sData As String
sData = Item.UserProperties.Item("Foo").Value

If the data is only on a control named textFoo on a custom tab named FooTab
you'd use this:

sData =

You might want to go to and review the material in the
forms sections there to get a handle on the basics of Outlook custom forms.

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