Part of form too high



I have a form with 2 tabs. For some reason when opening the form it always
displays so high that you can't see the top of the tabs. I feel like I've
tried resizing everything to change it but nothing works. Please help.
Thank you.





I had this problem once.
The tab control was too big for the form. I made the whole tab control
smaller and the problem was solved.





when the area you use in form Design view is larger than the area available
to the form in Form view, then of course not all of the form will show in
the form window at once. normally, the first "available" control (not
hidden, and able to get the focus, and with its' Tabstop property set to
Yes) in the tab order will get the focus, regardless of where it "sits" on
the form. if there are objects or form "areas" above that first control,
they're going to be off the "edge" of the window.

one way to compensate for this is to add an *unbound* textbox control to the
upper left corner of the form (in the Detail section, not the Header
section); i'll call it txtTabStop. on the control's attached label, set the
Visible property to No. set txtTabStop's Height and Width properties to zero
(0), set its' Tabstop property to Yes, set its' TabIndex property to 0, set
its' Locked property to Yes, and set its' BorderStyle property to
Transparent. set the form's ScrollBar property to show vertical and/or
horizontal scrollbars as needed, so the user can see the top of the form
again, after moving down to lower regions.

now when you open the form, the focus should land at the top of the form, on
txtTabStop, first, even though the control is effectively "invisible" to the


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