Form for Parts-Tools Lists

Mar 4, 2015
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Hello, I am working on an Access 2007 database which currently has three tables, a "parts" table and a "tools" table. It also has a "cross reference" table which lists the "tool numbers" required to make each "part number", one line at a time. Some tools are used on multiple parts.
Part # Tool #
A T1
A T2
A T3
B T2
B T5

I am trying to make a form which will let people type in a part # and the list comes up and they can add/subtract from the tool list for that part in large amounts. Some parts require over 50 tools.
I don't want people to have to write directly into a table, it should all be done through a form.
I don't want to have a form people have to fill in for each single tool they add/subtract (The part numbers are very long). It should be a form where they can type in the part # once and then fill in for multiple tool adds.
Let me know if you have any suggestions for this or if I should restructure the "cross reference" table.

The objective in the long run is to have another form where you can type in a tool number and it will give you the tool list required for that part and vice-versa, you can type in a tool number and it will show you a list of all the parts that require that tool.

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