Part II -upgrade from home to ultimate sp1



Thanks Colin and Harry for info. The college does not have vista ultimate
upgrade SP1 to match my home premium SP1. So, it sounds like I can not
remove SP1 at home. Correct? Can I load SP1 for ultimate first before I try
upgrading? I know that sounds funny, but a lady at MS Software replacement
said to ask this question.


Complete backup/restore feature is the difference between vista
ultimate and vista home premium, do you really need Vista Ultimate?

Mick Murphy

You had bought an OEM with SP1 already embedded?
1. you can not uninstall SP1 from it.
2 your college does not have Ultimate + SP1 to give you
3 therefore, you can not upgrade HP that you have to U wiht that disk
4 you are thinking slipstreaming SP1; way out of your league(MS advice to you)
5 save ALL your Data
6 clean install Ultimate
7 Set your BIOS to boot from DVD Drive, insert Disk, reboot, load files,
delete existing Vista partirion, install Ultimate.
8 unless it is really necessary, why do it?

Colin Barnhorst

Correct. You cannot uninstall SP1 because it was never installed in the
first place. Your Vista just came that way as do all Vista computers that
people are buying now.

The whole issue of creating an integrated copy of Vista Ultimate SP1 from
the original Vista dvd and the standalone SP1 updater file is complex and
technical. Don't go there. What the MS Software person was referring to is
"slipstreaming." It was straightforward with XP but MS debuted a whole
different technology for installation media with Vista. The question is not
funny at all. She has the right idea but consumer level software to do it
is just not ready for prime time.

Did you get a refund?

Quite simply, this is the one single item that you need:
Why can't the college simply get it? Are you in a position to simply order


Thanks everyone. the refund has been promised. They do claim my son will
have no access to the network with home version. we may just wait and see

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