Parental controls & loss of IE7



I read another post like mine but never saw an answer. I have VISTA 64
running on an ACER AspireAX 1200 (hate Acer support by the way). Every time I
turn on the parental controls within Vista, IE7 won't display any websites,
even though the connection is excellent. I have to restore back to previous
system restore point before I can access the web again. I can NEVER use even
1 of the parental control features. Can anyone help me? ALready downloaded
the Vista Service pack.

Brittany D

Why don't you use It's totally free and has amazing parental



Hear! Hear! OpenDNS is an excellent solution to ban everything you like. All
those naked girls everytime again, gambling sites, and so on. I have nothing
against those girls, but they are always found on unwanted sites that come
with other sites and have huge security risks. OpenDNS saved me a lot, even
spam is almost gone now.

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