Parameter Form - Combo Box - Parameter Query - Report Problems



Hi all.
I apologize ahead of time for this lengthy and probably confusing
attempt to explain this.
Our volunteers want to create a client letter (in Access) that is
based on information from the database and information the volunteers
input. They want to select the client from a list of client names in
the database, have it match up to that client's address info and print
it all in a letter. I use an Access report for the letter.
What I have is this:
Parameter form: Fields - One combo box that is supposed to show the
names of all the clients plus two other text boxes used to input other
information. Finally, a command button that launches the Access
Parameter query: Is based on data from two client tables (client's
name, address, client type, client site, client event, and client
date. The client type, site, and date fields get their criteria from
info our folks enter on the parameter form.
Report: Record Source is the parameter query.
The info that our folks type in the text boxes on the parameter form
carry over as parameters to the query and then the report with no
problem until I try to add the combo box list of names to the
parameter form. I'm wondering if I am pulling the name and address
data from the right place.
I have tried basing the combo box (row source) on the client name
field in the parameter query ([Forms]![Paramform]![cboName]) but I get
"no record found" messages. I have also tried basing the parameter
form combo box (row source) on the name and client id from the actual
client table. That doesn't work either. When I hit the command
button, the report opens, but the name and address info on the report
don't match the client that I selected in the combo box - what I get
is a partial record (with none of the footer data) for every client in
the database, not the specific one I am wanting. Maddening to say the
I probably didn't describe this very well, but if anyone can decypher
my explanation above and offer any suggestions, I would be eternally
Thank you so very much!!!

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