Paragraph numbers in footers



I've style formatted a large document in Word 2003 following the directions
in www.

My document is an outline and I used Heading 1 for "Chapter #", Heading 2 is
"section #", Heading 3 is "Chapter # - Paragraph #" (i.e. 1-1, 1-2...),
Heading 4 is "a."... I know I can put the Paragraph # into the footer by
using Insert, Field, StyleRef, Paragraph Number however this puts in the
first full paragraph of the page and not the paragraph number that actually
starts the page. (Example: At the bottom of page 1 is paragraph "1-3,a."
and at the top of page 2 is "b." followed by paragraph 1-4. When I use the
styleref field for the footer it puts paragraph 1-4 in the footer of page 2
instead of paragraph 1-3, the para. that actually started the page).

Is there a way to resequence how the program looks for the information
required? I understand that I can't use the "\c" switch on StyleRef only
Seq. Can I combine the two somehow?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!



Stefan Blom

Each STYLEREF field will insert numbers from a *specific* style. If it seems
to be searching from the bottom of the page, verify that the field code
doesn't include the \l (lowercase "L") switch. Press Alt+F9 to show field
codes. If you see that switch, delete it, press F9 to update, and press
Alt+F9 to hide the field codes again.

Beyond that, you can use a trick to get more control over which text is
displayed by a specific STYLEREF: Create a character style but don't
actually include any formatting in it (just have it based on ("underlying
properties)"). Apply the style to the relevant paragraph(s) and then insert
a STYLEREF field that references that style.

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