Page Setup in Word 2000 greyed out



When opening a new document, my page setup command is not accessable. I am
able to open older documents and access the page setup command. I have
checked Options, Customize, Format Style and have not found how I can un-grey
or activate that command when opening a new document. Also, I checked to see
if it mattered which view I was in, that didn't effect it either.

thank you for your assistance with this pesky little problem.

Btw, when I need to, I just open up an older document, clear it, change the
page setup settings and am able to save that way, however it would be nice to
open a fresh document and go frome there.
Apr 21, 2022
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my page set up grayed out because by accident I had clicked on web layout. Note that the word doc has Read Mode, Print layout and Web layout. When the document is in web layout the page setup icon grays out-i.e. it won't be active. What I needed in my windows 10 was to simply go to my task bar and click 'print layout' and my page setup became active again

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