page numbering/table of contents/separate sections



I am creating a large document with a table of contents. I am all set with
creating the table, but the page numbering is driving me crazy because I need
2 different page numbering schemes - basically one page number format in the
header and a different in the footer.

Within the document, I would like to have separate sections with a header
with a page numbering scheme showing page x of y, with y being the total # of
pages in the section, not the entire document.

However, in the footer, I also need to show consecutive page numbers
througout the entire document (otherwise my TOC references the page # for
each section, and not the actual page within the document). This way, when
the reader looks at the TOC, the chapter they want to refer to will have the
document page #, but within that chapter it will show page 1 of 7 for a 7
page section, for example.
thanks for any help you can give.


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