page header on main report with subreports



I have a report with many subreports which are in the report header.

I would like to have page header for my reports.

It seems that there is no details section, because all the subreports
are in report header.

I have somthing in the page header, but the page header does not show
u p.

Are there any way to have page header on each pages for the report
with many subreports?

Your information is great appreciated,



Duane Hookom

Your question is worded as if you aren't finding the Page Header of you main
report. I expect you have discovered Page Headers of subreports don't display
when used in a main report. If this is the case, you can "fake" your page
headers by using either the Report header or creating a new primary sorting
and grouping section in your subreports based on a constant expression like:
Display the =1 Group Header and set its "Repeat Section" property to "Yes".
Use this section as your Page Header.

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