How can I repeat Report Header section on subreports?



I am designing a master report made up of many sub-reports. Each sub-report
has a Report Header, a Group Header, and Detail. I do not use the Page
Header/Footer or the Report Footer section. I added the Group Header so that
if one subreport goes to another page, it repeats the heading for that group
of products. However, I am having difficulties repeating the (Sub)Report
Header for each Subreport. That is, in the master report, there are a few
subreports that are large enough that they go on to another page, but when
and if it does so, I would like it to repeat the Report Header for that
subreport. Is there a simple way to do this? Or is there a way to do this in
Visual Basic?



Duane Hookom

Create a new top level sorting/grouping level on a constant like:
Then display the =1 group header and set its Repeat Section property to Yes.
Use this header rather than the Report Header.

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