"page cannot display", IE6(SP2), AOL (9.0), XP(S2)



IE6(SP2) returns "page cannot be displayed".

The problem began two days ago when I needed to migrate 1.5GB from an old
E-machine (XP-SP2) to a new HP Pavillion (also XP-SP2). I attempted to
network the two PCs using a crossover cable. I got the E-machine to see the
HP but not the other way around. So...I resurected an old TDK R/W drive and
dumped the 1.5GB to 4 CDs. That's when I first discovered this problem. IE on
the new HP was now broken; it was ok before. It didn't occur to me at the
time but now I suspect the network settings may be the culprit. After several
hours of searching forums like this one, and manipulating files and network
settings, I finally stumbled onto a fix; Control Panel > Network and Internet
Connections > Internet Options > Connections tab > Dial-up and Virtual
Private Network Settings > de-select Use Proxy Server for this connection. It

So now I'm getting the old E-machine ready to ship to my daughter and I
encounter the same problem. It may be worth saying that both machines
accessed the Internet via Earthlink. And IE6 worked fine on the E-machine
after the networking fiasco. But my daughter has an AOL account. So I
installed AOL 9.0 optimized. Now IE6 doesn't work on the E-machine.

I thought I had found a fix when I came across a Microsoft article (ID
238550), "Cannot Browse Internet Using Internet Explorer While Connected to
AOL". The article suggested deleting the WinSock2 registry key
(HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Servi ces\WinSock2), starting
AOL (to apparently reset the registry key) and then restart the computer. I
did this. But then AOL wouldn't access the Internet. So I reset the registry
key. AOL is now restored; which means it launches successfully. But again,
IE6 cannot open webpages.

Can anyone suggest a fix, short of reformatting the HDD.





Sandi - Microsoft MVP

For advice specific to problems with secure sites, have a look at the first
link - for general advice, have a look at the second:


Problems specific to AOL software:

Hyperlinks are used to ensure advice remains current
Visit the Internet Explorer Online Community:
Sandi - Microsoft MVP since 1999 (IE/OE)




Thank you Sandi. I'll check these out later this week; the E-machine is now
at my daughter's house.


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