Packard Bell Dot S


Mar 25, 2003
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XS Reviews have recently taken a look at the Packard Bell Dot S netbook, and seem to have mixed opinions on it:

"The Packard Bell Dot S served me well in my real-world testing. As a travel companion it excels, with its relatively low weight and small profile allowing it to fit easily in a cramped backpack or tiny train tray table (say that four times fast). The battery life was excellent, lasting the whole of the working day at very reasonable brightness settings. Even under direct sunlight, the display’s full brightness was more than enough to deliver extremely legible text. Writing on the Dot S was honestly better than expected; while I wasn’t able to write as quickly as on my favourite mechanical keyboard, I was still able to punch out a good 2000 words on my train to work. Anything that required more punctuation (like programming) was a bit of a nightmare though, thanks to the non-standard key layout and very small punctuation keys. On the other hand, web browsing wasn’t quite as good. While the processor kept up even with media-rich sites like The Verge, the small display resolution made reading articles and navigating around complex sites difficult."

You can read their full review here.


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