P4R800-V Deluxe and creating a SATA Boot Drive

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Milos Pedersen III

P4R800-V Deluxe
1024MB Memory
Primary Master PATA WD 40G NTFS DMA5 (Current Boot Drive)
Primary Slave LG GSA-4160B DVD Burner
Secondary Master PATA WD 120G NTFS DMA5
Secondary Slave PATA WD 200G NTFS DMA5

Primary Master WD SATA 120G
Secondary Master WD SATA 120G

The SATA drives both installed and formatted just fine and are working well
as data drives. None of the drives are being used in any form of RAID

I want to use one of the SATA drives as a boot device. The manual was not
of anyhelp and neither was ASUS support ... they even asked me why I'd want
to make a SATA HD a boot drive in the first place!?!

I then began gathering what info I could from the net and it seems the
procedure is as follows, please comment and correct the info I have. It
would be particularly helpful to hear from other P4R800-V Deluxe owners who
have successfully accomplished this task ... here goes ...

1. Disconnect all drives except for the SATA drive you wish to install the
OS on.
2. Boot from a system install CD
3. When asked if new drivers need to be installed hit F6
4. Insert floppy with SiS RAID Drivers on it that are obtained from ASUS MB
5. This should allow the SATA drive to be seen and the install will
continue as normal.
6. Once system install is complete and the computer is booting from the
single SATA HD then you can begin to reconnect the other PATA and the SATA

I haven't tried this yet as I'd like to here your comments and experiences
first ...





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