P2P downloading and sharing?



Name: Theresa Stump
E-Mail: (e-mail address removed)
System: Aspire Desktop
Model: AST180-ED360B
Operating System: Windows Vista Home Basic
Date Purchased: 05/15/2007

Question / Problem:

How do I get limewire to work?

No firewal operational...
No Norten or McAfee installed...
No programs or ports blocked to my knowledge.

Limewire and Azureus worked for the first week I had them.. I live in
Alberta Canada therefor it is completely legal for my to download my music
before I buy it...

Ever time since the first time i rebooted my computer any P2P programs wont
load up.... the inital screens load of then to complete program plus all its
processes close down. As far as I have "noticed" none of these programs are
blocked by firewall, antivirus, windows defender, etc.

I have tried to contact my computer manufacturer but they told me to contact
Microsoft. I tried the Microsoft Contact Us page without luck. I can't email
Microsoft either as my Product ID won't work for some strange reason.... As
well I have searched the web up and down until my eyes have became sore.

Please help.... as a Canadaian I appriciate listening to songs before I pay
for my CD.

Theresa Stump




Hey, I am running into the same problems here, whats is happening with P2P
sharing and Vista, is that Vista's ports are labeled as "stealth", meaning
that P2P sharing programs, such as limewire, bitcomet, Azerues, etc., ...
cannot comunicate to other peers, the ports are listed as stealth and are not
open for comunication. Therefore, you are basically " INVINCIABLE ", which
just mean that no hackers are able to take over your computer but also
....when you actually want to share ....... NO LUCK, I had the same problems
....Azerues worked for a week then, nothing my tracker couldnt find any peers,
I did a port test @ "*** http://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?rh1dkyd2 ***" copy and
paste to browser and "test" common ports or service ports, Vista user will
see that all ports should be safe and stealthed if not it will indicate which
port is open, please note that these are only common ports, file sharing
ports are numbered from 49512 to 68000 these are usually your basic optional
program ports of comunication, if anyone find out how to unlock the stealth
please let me know!


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