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Leslie Isaacs

Hello All

I am using A97 under windows 2K across a peer-to-peer network of 4 PC plus a
fileserver running windows 2k server. We use Outlook Express for emailing.
Each PC has its own (identical) frontend, with linked tables that are on a
db on the fileserver.

The frontend has a macro that is essentially a lot of SendObject commands,
each one relating to a particular report. Each SendObject command has a
condition attached to it, so that the particular report is only sent if the
corresponding yes/no field on the current form =Yes. The email address is
also picked up from the current form.

This all works fine, except that many recipients are having trouble
loading/using Snapshot Viewer (the output format of the reports), and so I
would like to use PDFs instead: but PDF is not an available format for the
SendObject command. I know I could simply use CutePDF (or similar) to output
the reports to a folder, then email them manually, but I really need to
automate the whole process (as it is now). I have read the info at
http://www.granite.ab.ca/access/email/reportsasattachments.htm, and did
start to tackle the job, but to be honest I got out of my depth!

Can anyone help? I think this may go beyond what anyone is likely to be able
to offer me via this newsgroup, in which case I would be prepared to pay a
(reasonable!) fee if someone could provide me with a 'ready-to-go' solution.

Hope someone can help.



Jack Isaacs

Hello Steve

Thanks for your reply. I have had a look at the links you gave me, and it
certainly looks as if the functionality that I need is there: but I think it
would take me more time than I have available to work it all out, download
and install the appropriate software, and 'plumb it in' to my application -
mainly due to the limitation of my expertise! Would you be interested in
receiving form me my current db and then plumbing in the required software
and code, so that I can email the reports in PDF format.? It would be a
bonus if the reports could all be emailed as attachments to a single email -
rather than (as currently) each report being emailed separately.



I have a sample db that lets you attach up to 5 attachments to an email. If
you want post back with your email address.

Leslie Isaacs

Hello Chris

Thanks for your reply.

Yes please - I would be very interested to see how you have done it!
My email address is (e-mail address removed)

Many thanks


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