outlook2007-b2tr with bcm-b2tr on a vista rc1 box



-Here goes nothing...

I have a system running Vista RC1 with Office2007b2tr.
This has been running fine for some time. I braved the
edge of reality and tried installing bcm-b2tr. The install
apparently went well but during the process I was informed
of a compatibility issue with the OS and that I should
install SQL server 2005 SP2. During my search for said
SP, I see a variety of different information and options
on the following 2 web pages:



So do I need to be concerned with SQL server 2005 or the
Express Edition? Or both?

I'm afraid to launch Outlook now to read my mail for fear that
BCM will try to associate and then crap out.

Any guidance would be most aprreciated...





The SQL Server issue Vista is warning you about are not a factor with
BCM v3. Bcm has always used Sql correctly. The warning is because some
applications use sql incorrectly, and expose users to security
risks--i.e. they create databases under the Program Files folder. BCM
has always created its databases in the creator's user folders.

If you intend to use Sql 2005 with other applications on Vista, you
should read the relevant Sql 2005 security bulletins.


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