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This question seems to have been asked but never adequately answered so
perhaps I give it another try.
My environment is Vista RC1 running Outlook/BCM 2007 B2TR at home and
Windows XP SP2 running Outlook/BCM 2007 B2TR at the office. I'm trying to
backup my extensive BCM DB using the BCM BACKUP/RESTORE dialog provided
within BCM/database tools.
To clarify before we get start, in my Vista installation there are only two
account, one is the built-in Admin account which I’ve enabled and the second
is my personal account which supposedly has admin privileges. Of course this
is not true because we all know that MS didn’t make "user admin" accounts
exactly equal with the built-in "Admin" account in Vista. And herein lies the
problem which is as follows;
I've been trying to restore a backup copy of my Office 2007 BCM B2TR db from
my office machine (the XP one listed above) to a new installation of BCM B2TR
on my Vista machine at home under my user account. It fails with the
following error message;

"Cannot restore this database because you were not authorized to
backup or restore this databases when this one was originally backed
up. For more information, please contact the database owner of the
systems administrator for more information. Your local database was
not changed."

When I logon as the built-in Admin on the same Vista machine at home the
database can be restored without any problem.

This administrative/user privilege #@&* really sucks but I would greatly
appreciated it if someone knows if there’s a proper procedure for



Sun Embraser

Hi Hooutoo,

I heard that you will be able to restore your BCM 2007 databases on
Vista under one of these two conditions:

1.) You are running the built-in administrator account (or Run-As with
the account)
2.) You are the database owner of the database

In your case, I am guessing that your user account at work (with XP
SP2) and your user account at home (with Vista RC1) are different,
hence the inconvenience...

Hope that helps :)

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