Outlook VSTO Add-in not visible in Trust Center after installing


Koen Verwimp


I have implemented a VSTO Outlook Add-in and created a setup project.
When I install this add-in project with the setup/msi file ... files are
installed properly, but VSTO Add-in isn't visible in the trust center of

This is because the registry keys are missing at

When I add the correct registry values manualy, it works fine.

What do i need to change/add to my Visual Studio 2008 setup project, for
automatically adding the registry keys for my VSTO Add-In?
What is missing in the VS setup project?

Koen V



Ken Slovak - [MVP - Outlook]

You obviously need to add registration. You also might need to add full
trust on the VSTO addin dll, otherwise it won't run even if registered.

You don't mention anything about your setup such as VSTO version, Outlook
version, VS version, so one can only guess at things. But you might want to
look at the deployment information at
http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa537173(office.11).aspx. There are
versions of the article for other VSTO versions also.

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