Outlook trying to send messages that aren't there



I use outlook 2003 and the send process is blocked because it keeps trying to
send an email that isn't there (nothing in my outbox). The only way I can
send an email is to close outlook down after I have written my mail, reopen
and then hit send/receive. Otherwise it just sits in the outbox, waiting for
this other ghost email to be sent first and the mail in outbox never gets
sent. The process of sending gets stuck on this ghost mail and does't cease
unless I click cancel all send/receive.


Could be an unsent Read Receipt. Use File, Work Offline, delete it if you
can. Change the handling of Read Receipts in Tracking Options.


Thanks Mary, I will try that suggestion tommorrow, as I haven't been back to
computer over the weekend. I hope the solution is that simple.

Jaye K

I used a program called "Outlook Spy" and was able to remove the ghost read

But, it keeps happening. Does anyone know how to prevent it?


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