Outlook today is blank



After a computer lockup when Outlook 2003 was downloading email, my
Outlook Today screen became blank or displays the message "Navigating
to the webpage was canceled". I've checked the opening folder in the
shortcut to Outlook Today and it shows "res://c:\program files
\microsoft office\office 11\1033\outlwvw.dll/outlook.htm". I've look
in that folder (however, I don't understand the "res://" part) and
have searched for outlook.htm but haven't been able to locate it. I
can't find it on any of my other computers either.

I've run Detect and Repair, uninstalled Outlook, reinstalled Outlook
and tried everything else I can think of with no luck. Accessing all
the other folders in Outlook works ok, but seems slower than usual.

Any help in restoring Outlook Today will be appreciated. Thanks.



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