Outlook - sync with server app and share contacts



Our environment is:

* 1 Windows Server 2008
* several users - everybody is using Outlook 2007 (email hosted by
our ISP, not in-house)
* these users have different cell phones: Blackberry, iPhone,
Windows Mobile, Symbian.

The users are already able to sync the contacts stored in their cell
phones with their Outlook clients. But we also need the following:

1. Users should be able to sync their Outlook clients with some
solution hosted by our server, so that we have a common Contacts list
on the server. Ideally, this list should also be available directly to
the Outlook clients or at least through some sort of interface that
all users can access easily.

2.Users should be able to separate their contacts into at least two
sub-lists (e.g. Work and Personal), so that only contacts that belong
to a specific list are included in the sync process between their
Outlook and the solution on the server.

Can you please suggest how can this be achieved, using either a single
tool/software app/configuration, etc. or a combination of several
tools/software apps/configurations?
Apr 2, 2010
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1. If you are running on an Exchange Server, everyone will be able to access the GAL, which would have a common contacts list. Then the users can access the GAL through Outlook. They could also have access to Outlook by connecting their phones with the Exchange Server through Activesync, BES...etc...

2. I don't think that could be done if you are on an Exchange Server. I may be wrong though.

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